How Long Does Weed Stay In The System Of An Athlete?

To answer the question simply, it would be anywhere between 7 to 20 days. There are not one but different reasons behind the varied number of days in getting completely rid of the effects of weed in your system. Many factors affect the duration for which weed stays in your system. Even everybody has a different way of getting rid of all the Cannabis and THC stored in the body. For some, it can take fewer days than others. Although getting the weed out of the digestive tract can take between 24 to 48 hours, the essence remains in other areas Like The Saliva, urine, hair, and blood. For anyone to completely get weed out of the system, it would need several days. The regularity and the dosage are also factors that decide the number of days an individual will have traces of weed in their body.

Cannabis and THC, when ingested, get absorbed in different parts of the system. The immediate sources you can find in the digestive tract once the weed has left the digestive tract, there are other sources in your body where you can trace the presence of weed in your system. The bloodstream will carry it for some days, and your urine will also carry it for a few days, but the hair and the saliva will show the traces for a much longer period than the other two. So even if you have consumed weed a week before, it will take almost a month to erase the complete evidence that it was in your body. If you are a regular consumer of weed or Cannabis or any such psychotropic drug, then the duration of wheat leaving your body extends even more than a month. Depending on how much the dose and specifications of the kind of weed being used daily will determine how long it can be detected in your system. Sometimes this can increase the duration from anywhere between a month or two.

Let us briefly look into areas where they can be detected easily.

1. Urine- 

The first method that is used for testing the presence of weed in your system is through urine. Normally the urine test will clearly show the kind of drug that you have used. A urine sample is taken and analyzed by a lab technician to detect the presence of any kind of drug taken by the person. This method is easy and the cheapest to determine the drug the person has taken. Apart from being the cheapest, it is also very dependable if taken in the first few days of consumption. When taken within one or two days, you can get the result with Assurance about what kind of drug, be it legal or illegal, has been consumed by the person. Also, when you want the result fast, this is the test you look at it as you can get the result as soon as the same day itself. The only problem with this kind of test is that it should be taken within the first few hours or days of consumption to give a positive result. When the time has exceeded, the chances of getting a positive result in showing the consumption of weed by the person becomes far lesser. The drawback of this testing is that the chances of getting a negative result are much higher than a positive one, as the sample is not always taken within the time frame. Within this time, it can show the exact result of the drug the person is on or if the person has been on any drug. The chances of getting a positive result become slim because as a result comes positive, there is another set of tests that the sample needs to go through to get a confirmed result about the use of any drug by the person. 

2. Blood- 

Many components of weed stay in the body, while there are components like the THC that get completely absorbed in the system; hence, finding this psychotropic element in your system through blood tests is quite slim. Suppose the testing is not done at the right time. The digestion of the THC component takes place anywhere between a day or two, so when the blood is extracted for testing after this time period, you are likely to get a negative result about the presence of weed in your system. Although this duration again varies from person to person. It depends on how fast a person’s metabolism is and how their body reacts to the presence of THC in the bloodstream. However, in general, most people will take anywhere between a few hours to one or two days. But if you are a regular consumer of weed and have consumed high doses regularly e, then the chances of finding traces of weed in your bloodstream increase to almost a week. So if you are a regular user, you should take note that your bloodstream might show the result to be positive even for 4 to 8 days after consumption. 

3. Saliva-

This is one of the easiest ways in which the person can be tested for the presence of Cannabis THC, or any weed for that matter, in your system. The test will give proper results only when the test is done within a Limited period of time, that is, within a few hours or in a day. This is the most commonly used way of testing the presence of any kind of psychotropic drug consumed by a person. This is also probably the first round of testing carried out on any person if they are being tested for any drug use immediately. Normally you can see that this kind of testing is done on drivers, but it is also so common for other athletes as well. The method is one of the most non-intrusive ways of getting a sample, making it acceptable and very easy to carry on. You don’t need any touch-advanced equipment to take the sample. Rubbing just a cotton swab through your saliva and sending it for testing is enough when you want to know about the use of any weed. Although the later testing process definitely requires advanced equipment for testing the contents of the sample taken. The lab testing the sample would need all the equipment and an experienced lab technician to carry on the process of giving the right results.

4. Hair- 

This is one of the most expensive tests out of all the other options. This is kept as one of the last tests to get the right opinion on whether the person has consumed any kind of drug in recent times or not. The chances of getting the right results are much larger in this case as the time window attached to it is significant. The test on the hair follicles can give a report that is much more decisive than any other. When someone takes in Cannabis for bid, it starts to get absorbed by the system, and the hairs are one of the most important parts as any weed that is absorbed into the system Stays in the system somewhere or the other. The hair follicles are one area of the body where you can find traces of any weed absorbed by the body for a long period of time. You can understand how long the traces of weed can stay in your system by Understanding that even after a long period (which can be anywhere between 2 to 3 months), the testing of hair follicles will give an accurate result.

So we can see how long the traces of weed can remain in your body and what are different tests can be done immediately or after a long period of time to understand if the person in the picture has consumed weed of any form in the given period of time. So if you are going to get yourself checked for weed consumption, you should go through the different test options, and you can get to know how long your body takes to completely get rid of any traces of what weed you consumed. It is also mentioned that everybody takes different times to remove the weed traces from the system completely. The time after which a test can give a decisive result can differ from one person to another. 

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