How To Sober Up From Weed?

Cannabis consumption has been one of the top contenders in the list of relaxing methods. However cannabis has been gaining a lot of attention and popularity since its legalization, but still, people have certain confusions related to its consumption. Many people have the most bizarre doubts About cannabis and its consumption. One of the extremely asked questions about it is how soon you can sober up after consuming weed. Well, if you understand cannabis and its effects, then you would understand that it is unlikely that too much cannabis can be fatal. However, one thing is true you can feel the high and psychotic effects of weed consumption.

If you are new to weed consumption or are a regular user, you would know that the effect of weed depends on individuals and how their body reacts to it. Different people can have different effects, and the time for which the effect lasts also depends on an individual. However, having said that, most people have almost similar effects, so the lasting of this high feeling and the shakiness can range anywhere between two to three hours on average. If you are consuming weed orally or in the form of edibles, then the range can vary. It might push the high feeling for some time longer. However, you can feel a bit tired and shaky for a bit longer. 

Suppose you are looking to completely sober up from the consumption of weed. In that case, you will need to wait until the THC, which is the component in cannabis causing the psychoactivity, metabolizes completely and moves out of the system. so you will have to wait for the process to happen just like it is with alcohol and then you are sober and fresh as new.

However, you can also follow certain tricks and tips that users test to calm down when you want to suppress the high feeling and keep control. Here are certain tried and tested methods that you can apply.

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Keep the CBD and THC balance in check.

The best way to keep the psychoactivity and the high feeling in control is to ensure that a strain of cannabis is used which has less amount of THC and more CBD in it. The sound of getting less high might seem unreasonable, but there is not one but many other chemical compounds that are present in cannabis that might not be psychoactive but still benefits you. You will feel a similar relaxation only the amount of psychoactivity and high feeling will be in control. 

Cannabidiol, or CBD, is known to be a very important component that helps consumers with its anti-inflammatory and pain-killing effects; it is also known for curbing the effects of intoxication and anxiety that are typically involved with THC consumption. It is also important to know that both CBD and THC work on the same receptors, which means that the receptors that act on CBD are the same as that of THC. The only difference is that they both have completely opposite effects on it. So seeing the way they act, we can say that both of them are balancing each other hence the intake of weed should be such that the CBD content is enough to balance out the THC effects to keep the psychotic effect of weed in control.

The Euphoria and the shakiness caused by the consumption of weed and the dysphoria that is related to THC consumption are Balanced by the cannabidiol in it. So when you want to feel relaxed but not loopy or shaky, then you have to make sure the balance of THC in CBD is perfect. 

Lemon slices and peppercorns help.

There are different things that you get when consuming weed. CBD and THC are just two of the components. There are many other aromatic oils and other essentials like terpenes that can affect the different rivers and effects of cannabis. The Other components are equally important in enhancing or mellowing down the psychotic effects of weed. The high you feel is dependent not only on the THC content but also on the experience that might vary with change in these terpenes.

The Terpenes are also responsible for affecting the experience of weed intake. There are different ways in which you can use them to tone down the effects of THC that you don’t like, and you can become more alert and attentive after consuming weed. And since cannabis is a naturally occurring plant, there are other organic plant materials that have terpenes in them too. You can utilize the effects of these terpenes to cut down the effects of THC and control the high you get out of weed.

For instance, black paper is another plant product that has caryophyllene and pinene as their terpene components which are known for balancing out the psychoactive properties of THC. Similarly, lemon is a plant fruit that can help the effects of THC by reducing stress and hyper effects of THC because it has limonene as a basic terpene.

Black pepper contains terpenes, both of which may balance out THC’s psychoactive effects. Lemons may also help you calm down if you feel anxious on weed, as they contain the stress-relieving terpene limonene.

Water is good

Hydration is a very smart and easy way of tackling the effects of cannabis. Sometimes having a dry mouth when you are feeling high after consuming Cannabis is a common effect that most people would agree on. Even the most experienced users who have had years of experience in consuming different types of weeds and cannabis also get cottonmouths, so Keeping the water ready is a good idea. Water is also a very good source of keeping your high content in check.

Having any kind of drink or beverage weed is not a good idea as having alcohol with it might enhance the effects of THC; vary a similar thing might happen with cold drinks. Although cold drinks will not increase the effects to the same level as alcohol increases it, still, it is not a good choice to keep a dry mouth in check. The best way to deal with dry mouth and suppress the effects of THC to keep it in control would be to increase the intake of water. It can be regular, or you can also choose a lemonade, for that matter.

Breathing exercises are a good idea to get things in control.

Even when you are normally stressed out, taking a few deep breaths helps a lot. In the same way, paranoia and panic attacks can be induced by weed consumption. When you feel that the height is taking up on you in order to easily get sobered up, you can just sit all light on at a comfortable position and start by taking a few deep breaths. Just inhale and exhale, and you are good to go. You will find it very helpful in sobering up. Inhaling and exhaling, in a usual manner, is typically not what we want to do here. You need to inhale and then hold your breath for a few seconds and then exhale slowly. 

Taking a shower helps too.

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When you are looking for an option that would help you sober up, taking showers might be the last of your options. But when you want to sober up, cold water would be of great help. Taking a cold shower gives you a shock instantly, which can slow down your racing heartbeat due to the anxiety caused by weed. Showering with warm water is also good enough, but you have to be careful. Warm can turn into hot when you are not completely in your senses; you would not be able to differentiate between warm and hot for sure, and this can lead to serious burn issues later. 

So you see, there is not one but so many ways that you can use it to sober up yourself. You can use any of these methods that you find helpful and try to get things in control.

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