Is it legal to grow psychedelic mushrooms?

If you, too, have been asking the same question to yourself, is growing mushrooms legal? Then here is the answer, it all comes down to where you live and what are the laws and rules of that place. There is no regulation by the UN against growing magic mushrooms. Even if you own or have the preparation mix of these magic mushrooms, the law still has nothing against you. So legally, around the world, you can say there is no law against growing magic mushrooms; it is just the law of the place where it is grown. If the law of the country that you’re growing magic mushrooms in forbids you or does not allow you to possess them, then you have to follow the law of the land. 

The basic component that these mushrooms are made of is known as psilocybin. Psilocybin is the basic component responsible for the psycho activity caused by the magic mushrooms. Under the 1971 UN convention of psychoactive drugs, psilocybin was considered the schedule one drug. However, there are no International regulations and control over growing the natural fungi. It can be said that only psilocybin is termed a psychotropic drug, but if you are into growing magic mushrooms, there are no laws or regulations internationally applicable to you. The only regulation that works is the local authority on the State Law or where you are growing them.

There are some places in the United States and some countries in the world that have mentioned the possession of dried mushrooms as an illegal activity. However, if you have a garden or are growing them at home, then this activity comes in a gray area that is not covered by the law. This gives you an Upper Hand in considering it legal to grow it. The basic reason behind mentioning the position of these mushrooms to be illegal is that drug that constitutes the psychoactive property of these mushrooms. Psilocybin is a naturally occurring substance; although it comes under schedule 1 drug its possession and legal status are completely dependent on the law of the area where it is grown. 

It can also be seen that mushrooms can grow on their own without human intervention. They can grow unaided as naturally occurring and need only the right environment for their growth. It is seen that many people who are into consuming these mushrooms do not grow them at their home but go hunting for them in their Natural Habitat, where they grow on their own. People can be seen searching the wilderness that creates the perfect Habitat for the growth of these mushrooms and tries finding them there for use. 

A popular News agency draws a worthy outline regarding psychedelic mushrooms. Here is what it says:

“Human societies have used psilocybin mushrooms for years and featured in American and European Prehistoric art forms. It was found that during the Spanish conquest, these hallucinogenic and psychoactive mushrooms that were in use were thrown out by the Catholic missionaries but were seen not to lose their popularity in Mexico. A famous magazine published about two ethnomycologists. Both participated in a ceremony funded by the project as revealed in 2016 as a Project named MKUltra. Sometime later, which is about a year later, LSD was synthesized by a Swiss chemist isolating the psilocybin, which is the psychedelic compound. 

As we move towards the acceptance of Mushrooms, it is interesting to see that Western society is very smoothly accepting these mushrooms and their cultivation. Over time, many countries slowly started decriminalizing the status of these mushrooms containing this psilocybin. Countries like Denver, Oakland, the Czech Republic, Austria, Canada, and Portugal were all seen to be accepting the mushrooms and decriminalizing their status. In places like Mexico growing psilocybin mushrooms has become completely legal. It is seen that the sale of these mushroom spores that are psychedelic in nature is prohibited only in three of the US states, namely Idaho, Georgia, and California.

Growing these mushrooms at home

Growing Magic Mushrooms

Cultivation of magic mushrooms fresh and growing them at home is a very easy process. Many online retailers sell different grow kits that you can purchase and easily grow these mushrooms at home by following simple instructions. 

Mycelium is a dense brick nutrient of substrate that aids the mushrooms in growing. You can get this with every grow kit that you purchase. It comes with all the small supplies that you need for growing mushrooms, like paper clips, plastic bags, or containers.

You need to follow certain instructions mentioned on the kit that involve mixing water, sunlight exposure, and proper instructions on harvesting the mushrooms. Following these instructions would help you get fresh mushrooms anytime you want at your home. 

Learn about the perfect place to go mushrooms at home.

The area where you are planning to grow mushrooms should be an area that has perfect exposure to light. Placing the grown cat in a well-lit area is very important. You should also take care of the temperature, which should not be below 64 degrees Fahrenheit. This is the perfect temperature for your mushrooms to grow properly. If the temperature goes down below 58 degrees Fahrenheit, then the environment becomes unsuitable for the mushrooms, and they will not grow.

If the temperature does not exceed 82 degrees Fahrenheit, then it is the perfect greenhouse environment for growing your mushrooms. Often It is seen that in summer, the temperatures rise drastically and easily surpass the ideal temperature; hence growing them inside is a much better option as this temperature can be regulated. If you want the fungi to grow properly, then the ideal temperature should not be more than 74 degrees Fahrenheit or less than 60 degrees Fahrenheit. There are many options like heat Mats that can keep the room at the optimum temperature to provide the best environment for your mushrooms to grow. 

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