Stiiizy Pods: All you need to know

Stiiizy pod: how it started?

It all started with a company whose base was in California, and the owners were growing buds in their homes and delivering as per the consumer speed. It was the quality of the weed that made them popular. Many categories were available in stiiizy, like pods, extracts, buds, batteries, etc. There were also many subcategories that you could get with these products, like pre-rolls, Rosen, live resin, disposables, edibles, and a lot more. 

There are many weed enthusiasts who have heard and understand the name Stiiizy but are unfortunate to have barely known it and are still interested in getting familiar with them. If this is the truth, then you’re in for a treat. You are going to learn everything about stiiizy here. Stiiizy was originally meant to address the clamoring yet the relaxed attitude of the local people of Cali. The quality made it popular worldwide.

What is it?

Stiiizy is a premium quality cannabis oil Vaporizer that uses a proprietary pod system. It has its own system of growing and producing different Cannabis Concentrates of almost more than twenty different strains. It does not have a vaporizer that can work with dry herbs. They are completely meant for premium quality stiiizy concentrates that are extracted from branded stiiizy pods.

Different types of stiiizy pods are available

Terpene Pods (Silver) Cannabis-Derived 

The pods, also known as silver pods, use almost 24 strains inline that have retained their natural terpene profile. They are very particular about the field they contain, so instead of adding terpenes to a Flora that is non-cannabis based in the original line, they use terpene pods that are derived from Cannabis created and grown in California locally from single-source Cannabis. Waiting in this line is much more desirable as it does not contain the actual smoke but gives you a very similar and closer taste and smell of smoking the flower. You can also be sure that you are inhaling the same strain as they also mention on the box. Those who know the actual taste and smell of the strain are going to enjoy This way more as they know how close it is to the original.

STIIIZY Pods (original)

 The original line of stiiizy pods contain botanically derived terpenes and premium three the oil that at a depth of aroma and flavor to the product. The real flower taste can’t match any other. The 20 Plus varieties of streams include two CBD-only offerings, original and classic strange like a blue dream and Pineapple Express can come together; when it comes to fruity flavors, watermelon Z and strawberry cough can come together. You can be sure there is a pod that matches the taste bud of any kind of vape enthusiast in the original stiiizy line.

Live Resin Pods (Gold)

There are more than 20( almost 21) different strains available in the steady live resin parts that are also known as a gold standard in the field of exclusive and premium vape pods. They are derived from Cannabis plants that are flash frozen, and each pod of the live resin is produced in a small batch, known as the craft cannabis style. The use of uncured fresh flowers of live resin has a way of preserving the full flavor profile of the plant, with all the cannabinoids and terpenes working synergistically with THC to create the full spectrum effect.

Different types of vaporizers available at stiiizy


The LIIIL Disposable Battery

The pod is already attached to the LIIIL. It is also pre-charged and doesn’t need any charging. Once the pod finishes, you need to throughout the battery with that as it cannot be recharged like the other two vapes available. It is available in more than 20 different varieties and strains( 22, to be exact). It is a really good way of introducing someone to vaping if it is their first time. It can also be a very good gift for someone who occasionally vapes. It is definitely not recommended for someone who uses vaporizers daily. The discarded disposal will lead to creating too much plastic waste. 


People who love to use vaporizers every day would definitely prefer the BIIIG, the one with the larger battery format made by STIIIZY. It has a very long battery life and is also able to deliver heads that usually are big and last longer when the size of the pods is the same as the original. When it comes to holding on, you can easily hold on to it as it has a little more. 

The STIIIZY Battery

The most popular and used rechargeable battery design available in stiiizy is the original one. It has a very simple design with a visible oil chamber to keep the pot’s oil so you can easily see and change the pod as soon as you see it getting finished up. When you see the overall use of the original easy, you will find that it is not as complicated to use as others. Since it has rechargeable batteries, you have to start by charging the battery as soon as you open up the box. Once it is fully charged, you can insert the pot and start inhaling. There is an automatic draw detection available in the original, which makes sure that the coils get heated up only when you are inhaling. The power of the device comes down once you remove the mouthpiece from your mouth. The battery life is not the longest, as you get almost 40 draws on one charge. And there is no temperature control as well.

How does it work?

The working of the stiiizy pod vaporizer is very easy. You can sum it up in just two steps. The first one is charging the vaporizer and inserting the pod, and the second is to start inhaling it. This is all that needs to be done. When the juice in one of the pods finishes up, you just need to remove this one and throw in a new pod, and you are ready to move ahead with enjoying your draws.

Who should try it?

If you are someone new to trying out Cannabis or related, then you must start stiiizy. The parts, pods, and batteries are available in almost every place, so finding them won’t be an issue. The other important thing is the parts are highly affordable; the cartridges especially can be easily bought and are budget-friendly. So it is one of the most easily available and affordable options for every beginner. Not only is it budget-friendly, but the flavor and fragrance of your favorite strain can also be enjoyed better. For someone who has been a cannabis enthusiast and regular consumer, they might enjoy it to the fullest, but for someone who is just starting out, this is one of the best options.

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Kwame Robinson

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