Why Is 4/20 Celebrated For Weed?

Everybody knows that hundreds of thousands of Americans come together in the whole country on 4/20 to celebrate the illegal drug(Marijuana) in the US. Many marijuana smokers celebrate the 20th of April as one of the days where it is dedicated to friends coming together and crowds gathering every year to support the legalization of weed. You can see major rallies taking place across the country. People supporting the use of weed rallied together in places like California, Colorado, and other states where the use of Marijuana is a legal affair.

Since the legalization of Marijuana, there has been an increase in support, the celebration of this day has become more like a festival that is accepted as a mainstream celebration. This makes it a very profitable period for the people who have been involved in these businesses. The sellers are looking at this holiday as a very good way to create a market for their products. This also clears up the status of Marijuana and how it is perceived in all of America. The 4/20 movement and holiday is a very important day for everyone who is associated with weed. It is also important as it shows the acceptability of Marijuana and weed throughout America as compared to its status in the past. 

4/20 And Legalization Of Marijuana

The essence and importance of 4/20 standards are different for different people. Everyone has a different way of perceiving this day and celebrating it. Some might find it very amusing and would love to come out and enjoy celebrations. Some might just want to spend this day with friends and experience the effects of weed together. Having fun by getting high is the way of enjoying this day for many people. For many people, this is just another opportunity to celebrate the day of legalization and push the legal boundaries of using weed by popularizing it.

It started out in the late sixties in early seventies as a movement that included very limited People who supported the use of Marijuana and weed and demonstrated the stay as a way of pushing the weed culture by protesting with the symbolisms. Their main Policy was to Show the importance of weed and why the US government should support its use. It started out just as a normal protest but went out to become a more mainstream celebration where people who are supportive of Marijuana come together and enjoy the legal status of weed in the US.


How is it becoming an opportunity for everyone?

During the initial years of the introduction of 4/20, it was nothing big but just a way of protesting against the legal and social stigmas against the use of weed. It was not a big deal when it started. It was just considered a way for certain people coming together who support the use of weed and Marijuana. It was nothing very serious but started off as a holiday by people who supported the use of weed in their everyday life.

But gradually, this step was accepted, and people started joining this cause. As more people started coming together, 4/20 became a much more widely accepted phenomenon. Its popularity grew threefold in a very short time. This impacted more people, and gradually, this became a celebration where people dedicate the date 4/20 to the legalization of Marijuana and join the celebrations. It became a festival for many in the US.

Looking at the popularity of 4/20 growing around the world, even the commercial sellers and big brands in this field are finding it a great opportunity to gain a lot of profit. This celebration turned out to be a huge market for sellers who are looking for people who are into trying the best Marijuana and weed. Even the new strains that the sellers have can be tried by people who are into exploring the best options. This way, they can get proper feedback for their strains. So when they get the right output, they can have either a good improvement or a great market.

Finding people who are interested in exploring new strains of Marijuana and weed can be a tough task. But this is a celebration where people come together in support of Marijuana and weed. There is no other place where the sellers can get enough weed enthusiasts to try out their products and create a fabulous market for themselves.

This is why weed sellers are finding these celebrations as the best way to market their products and create a customer base that can be turned into a regular trade. You can say these celebrations are a win-win situation for both the sellers and customers. This is the time when customers are celebrating the legalization of weed in their states. At the same time, the sellers are celebrating the fact that they can get an opportunity to create a market where they can get new customers for their products.

The bottom line-

A simple trend that started off as a small protest by a group of people supporting the use of weed and Marijuana grew up to become a huge success. It has now become a great celebration for people supporting marijuana legalization and has joined the cause to enjoy the status of weed in their state.

Kwame Robinson

Kwame Robinson

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